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Antrodoco International Artists’ Residence

The main aim of the ARIA – Antrodoco International Artists’ Residence – project is to make Antrodoco (a village in the province of Rieti) an international residence for theatre, dance, music, contemporary circus and the figurative arts.

Labs and workshops with vocational and entrepreneurial courses, as well as artistic training courses, aimed at younger generations and industry professionals will be held concurrently with the entire project.

A cultural hub, with initiatives throughout the year, Antrodoco will be ‘inhabited’ by and bustling with artists, who will be given a unique opportunity to experience village life, allowing them to come into contact with the unspoilt nature of the surrounding countryside and the warmth of the small local communities in the area.

The sections

Residencies for artists staying in the local area and working in a variety of artistic fields, focused on the creation of artworks as well as artistic research, with a particular emphasis on younger artists from the new generation.

Performing Arts and Music Festivals that will take over various venues throughout the year.

“Gen Z encounters the Arts” through art labs and workshops, which will help create the more conscious and informed spectators of tomorrow.

Creating a renewed appreciation for the historical sites and works of artistic significance in the village through the creation of tailor-made programmes and the systematisation of the sites involved.

The creation and development of trekking trails that combine sporting activities, art and good food with tourist routes through the village and the surrounding mountains.

The adaptation, enhancement, renovation and creation of spaces dedicated to artistic creation and tourist reception.

The local area

ARIA – Antrodoco International Artists’ Residence – is an innovative project for central Italy and the local area; a project that interacts in a genuine way with all aspects of the cultural, educational and tourism industry.

Situated 510 metres above sea level, Antrodoco is a picturesque village in the upper Velino valley, close to the ancient Roman road, via Salaria, just 22 km from Rieti. This small town still bears traces of its long history.

In terms of landscape, it is crossed by the Velino river and nestled in majestic natural surroundings in the heart of the Apennines, including Antrodoco Gorge and the Terminillo mountain group.

The village climbs towards the mountain tops, at the centre of an important geographical hub in central Italy. It has long been an important destination for tourists and nature-lovers, and is now being developed as a new cultural destination.

ARIA is about:

  • Establishing artistic residencies by adapting unused or underused public spaces;
  • Creating a programme of cultural activities that will inject new life into the village throughout the year;
  • Making your stay in the village as charming and interesting as possible;
  • Getting the best out of what the local cultural assets and natural beauties of the surrounding landscape
    have to offer;

Facilitating new job opportunities, increased tourist attraction, and social and cultural renewal through the
transformation of Antrodoco into a village of art and for art surrounded by nature.


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Unione Europea – Progetto NextGeneration EU
Ministero della Cultura
Comune di Antrodoco
Ondadurto Teatro
Museo Lin Delija - Carlo Cesi
Teatro Sant’Agostino