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The aim of the first edition of the festival was to paint the air of Antrodoco with the colourful notes of a variety of musical traditions from around the world: the music of northern India, Egypt, the Alpine choirs of the Dolomites, an orchestra of Scottish bagpipes, the poetic songs of the tradition of central Italy, electronic experimentation, avant-garde musical theatre, sacred music for organ and brass and Sinatra for big bands.

In this second edition, as well as featuring a line-up of popular international music, which has recently become globally famous, the festival will present new projects created by young musicians that have been inserted into the life of the town, which is preparing to become a centre of alternative music and artistic production in Italy.

In addition to the three main concerts, the Aria festival will host the Night of the Drums organised by the Antrodoco Drum Company, as well as a number of free workshops and events, which will be held in various areas in the town.
Artistic direction by Matteo D’Incà



Warning, the programme may undergo changes





funk and jazz concert

Treetops are a music group from Rome that plays an extremely contemporary mix of funk and jazz and represents the sound of a generation of highly trained musicians and bearers of a new international musical tradition.
At a time when youth culture is centred around fleeting trends with the focus on a few superficial fads becoming more mainstream, Treetops remind us that there are still a considerable number of artists out there who play music of great imagination and quality.
They released the album Demetra in 2022 and Metropolis in 2023, setting Fritz Lang’s famous titular masterpiece to music. Both records were produced by Pino Pecorelli, bassist and founding producer of the Piazza Vittorio Orchestra.

Marco Bedini, soprano saxophone
Andrea Cardone, tenor saxophone
Anna Biella, guitar
Andrea Spiridigliozzi, guitar
Marcello Tirelli, keyboard
Simone Ndiaye, bass
Luca Libonati, drums





The Alma Saxophone Quartet is the second example of a group of young artists who are seriously dedicated to producing a particular form of music at the highest level.
They performed at Antrodoco in 2020 with the highly acclaimed concert of their debut work entitled “Alma likes to be in America”, based on songs by Zappa, Gershwin, Bernstein and Corea.
That evening, surprisingly, one of the musicians turned twenty-one.
This very young ensemble of musicians graduated from the Conservatoire of Terni and Rome and then perfected their art with Maestro Pepicelli and the Trio di Parma.
In 2023, they began their collaboration with J. Girotto, an internationally renowned soloist, creating the project Girotto meets Alma. The programme, which has been entirely composed by J. Girotto, taking the tango as its common theme, includes recent compositions recorded for the album Colyseus, performed at the Casa del Jazz in Rome for the Parco della Musica Records label, and famous pieces from the repertoire of the Argentinian saxophonist.
They won first prize at the “Ciro Scarponi” International Chamber Music Competition in Torgiano.

For this year’s edition of the ARIA festival, they will present a new work entitled “Beyond Classic”.
The programme combines important pieces from the Russian late-romantic repertoire, such as the famous Quatuor op. 109 by A. Glazunov, and a testament to French popular music with Introduction et variations sur una ronde populaire by G. Pierné, one of the first pieces ever written for saxophone quartet; followed by Pièces pour quatuor de saxophones by J. P. Beugniot, inviting the audience to explore the rhythmic and polytonal styles of Stravinskian heritage.
The precise historiographical research conducted by the ensemble is completed with the exquisitely expressionist example by F. Schmitt, through his Quatuor pour
saxophones and the explosive Fanfare and variations taken from D. Maslanka’s “Recitation Book”, which blends echoes of Bach with a more spiritual character.

Simone Bellagamba soprano saxophone
Andrea Piccione alto saxophone
Andrea Leonardi baritone saxophone
Davide Lucente tenor





A few years ago, a video suddenly appeared and quickly became famous featuring three smiling girls walking along a country lane in the company of a donkey. They are singing a song in a style of music that is both ancient and as fresh as the waters in the mountain streams, which is performed with delicate softness.
Their music and voices quickly won the hearts of many listeners around the world.
The group is known as the Mandili Trio, who, in addition to representing Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, has given concerts all over Europe and released three records: With Love, Enguro and Sakartvelo.
They sing in a traditional Georgian polyphonic style accompanied by the panduri, a three-stringed instrument similar to a small guitar.
For the public, it is a rare opportunity to witness the sounds of an extremely refined music tradition live, and experience the vibrant, colourful atmosphere that typifies the ARIA festival. A concert that will reveal the secrets of the profound essence and ecstatic beauty of this musical heritage to the audience, which is sure to enrich body and soul.

Tatuli Mgeladze, lead vocals
Tako Tsiklauri, backing vocals and panduri
Mariam Kurasbediani, backing vocals and panduri


Unione Europea – Progetto NextGeneration EU
Ministero della Cultura
Comune di Antrodoco